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Car Buyers Guide

    Saturday 28th, March


Here at Car Sales Dealers we aim to achieve in helping customers in buying quality vehicles at affordable prices, listed below is some helpful guides in buying your next car.


How Do We Help Car Dealers? 

At Car Sales Dealers we offer our website as a FREE service so they can promote their cars for sale. By having no extra cost for this they can offer all their cars for sale on this website at very affordable prices. All car dealers shown on this website are all fully VAT registered.


Why Should You Buy Off A Car Dealer?

When you buy from a car dealer you will always have an assurance that your car will be road worthy and have an extra piece of mind if anything should happen. Also buying from an Irish dealer will help Irish buisnesses and help securing Irish jobs.


What Should I Look For In A Car?

Always consider the reality of your needs. Too big? Too small? A two seater sports might be great fun for a single person but might not be right if you need to fit several kids and a spouse in it. Consider whether it will fit in your drive, garage etc. Measure it up.


Consider comfort (try before you buy if possible) visibility - the colour of the car as well as your ability to see out of it - mirrors, windows etc. Ask yourself what you want a car for? What are your priorities? Low mileage, value for money, reliability or speed? Style and status? Take your time and research properly. Try not to impulse buy. Get as much information as you can about such a major purchase.

How Can I Save Money?

Shop around when buying a car. Ask for discounts and see what 'extras' are available such as insurance or breakdown cover. Don't be afraid to haggle. Try to buy towards the end of the month when salesmen are keen to make their targets and may accept a bit less


What about budgets and finance?

Know that you have the money to spend before you attempt to buy a used car. Go to your bank or credit union and take out a loan, or at least get pre-approved. Two important pieces of information are going to be handed to you: how much you can afford and what your interest rate is going to be.


What else should I consider?

If you're thinking about buying a used vehicle, be sure to have the car carefully inspected by your mechanic to make sure it is running properly. A car that is improperly tuned or that has a bad engine or transmission will run poorly and use energy inefficiently.


Used vehicles have many more years of life in them, and driving them helps extend their total energy life cycle - the amount of energy needed to get the raw materials to build and deliver the vehicle to the consumer



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